DotNetPro.ErrorHandler is an open source error handler, that will hopefully email you with all the possible information that you will need to debug errors with a live site. What makes this different from the hundreds of the “error emailers” there are out there, is the sheer level of detail that it will email you with:

  • Exception Details
  • Message Source
  • Stack Trace
  • Querystring values
  • Form values
  • Server Variables
  • Session Variables
  • Application Variables
  • Cookies

And to top it off, it will give you a raw output for the following (using reflection) :

  • HttpContext (Contains details of timestamp, if debugging and custom error is enabled)
  • HttpResponse (The Response object)
  • HttpServerUtility (Contains machine name and script timeout)
  • SessionState (Contains information about where it stores session information, InProc etc)
  • User.Identity (Authentication type, and user’s details)
  • Process information (Memory details, how long process has been running for, helpful to diagnose memory leaks)
  • Process’s Identity (Machine name the account is running under)
  • Process’s Windows groups
  • Current AppDomain (Contains information about the base directory, and where it will look for bin files, if shadow files are enabled)
  • Current Thread details (Contains information about the CurrentCulture, useful for multilingual websites)
  • And a raw dump of the web.config file!

Why all this information? Well how many times have you had a rather obscure error, and wished you have added more logging to find out whats wrong? How many times do you wish you had access to the machine to see what the CurrentCulture is ? This way, I believe there isnt much that isnt conveyed to the developers, so they can aim to fix the problem as quickly as possible, without having todo the dreaded “I need to add more logging”.


You can download version 1.0 from this link.

Sample Web Config

The configuration is fairly simple, in your web.config, add the following:

<?xml version=”1.0“?>



<section name=”DotNetPro.ErrorEmailertype=”DotNetPro.ErrorEmailer.ConfigHandler“/>


<DotNetPro.ErrorEmailer emailFrom=”errorEmailer@error.comemailTo=”Your email address goes heresubject=”Error!” />



<add name=”ErrorEmailertype=”DotNetPro.ErrorEmailer.ErrorEmailerModule“/>




Feedback, bugs etc

I’d love to hear any feedback about this (Anything at all from “Its crap!” to “We are running it on this site”), please email me on

Sample Output

A sample of the output is found here.


23 April 09 – A public SVN repository has been opened at – If you wish to contribute, please email me!

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